Why Do You Need An Employment Lawyer?

Reasons why you need an employment lawyer


Employees have rights. People often unsure of their rights and options as an employee. They are hesitant to reach out to an employment lawyer for advice when an issue or workplace dispute arises. An experience employment lawyer can keep conflict from escalating, ensuring your rights are protected, advocate on your behalf, and secure a fair resolution for you as an employee, whether by negotiation, mediation or trial.

While employment lawyers handle a variety of workplace issues, here are some specific reasons why you need the services of an employment lawyer.


  • To understand your employment contract and make sure it is fair.
  • Because your employer is not respecting your rights and entitlements.
  • You are facing workplace harassment or discrimination.
  • Your employer is trying to impose major changes to your employment.
  • To evaluate a severance package or wrongful dismissal claim
  • Formal communication
  • Disciplinary measures


Reasons why an employee needs an employment lawyer


A. Reviewing a Job Offer

Employment lawyers can be useful at any point in your career, not simply after you've lost your work. For instance, the termination clause in your employment contract that you agree to will typically be what decides how much money you'll be entitled to in the event that your employer ends your position in the future. You can analyze your job offer with the assistance of an employment lawyer to ensure that the documents you're signing will place you in the best possible position to succeed in your new role

B. To better deal with workplace issue if you encounter one

Conflict in the workplace can be challenging, but not every difficulty has to lead to the dissolution of your working relationship. An employment lawyer can offer advice on the simplest alternatives that won't result in the termination of your job relationship and can assist you in assessing the issue which they've probably encountered something similar before.

C. To deal with harassment and discrimination

Harassment and discrimination in employment is illegal when the treatment is based on personal characteristic or status, such as sex, religion and race. This right is protected under Article 153 of the constitution. Thus, when you encounter one in your workplace, an employment lawyer can help you best assess the situation and help you walk through options available.

D. To negotiation a better deal for your retirement

There may be an alternative to announcing a speedy departure for long-term employees who may be searching for a way out of their position. You can negotiate a smooth retirement from your job with the aid of an employment law specialist.

E. Wrongful termination of working contract

With frustrations thinking that your working contract has been wrongfully terminated by your employer, an employment lawyer helps to ensure employees are treated fairly and receive a fair payout.

F. Major changes made in your employment

If your employer comes to a decision to make sizable modifications on your task duties, compensation, or advantages without your consent, you may be put into a difficult situation to either adapt to the new terms or quit the job. Your employer’s unilateral movements might also amount to what's recognized as “positive dismissal” and if so, you have all of the equal rights as in case you had been fired. Some worker layoffs also can result in positive dismissal. The regulation on this area is complex, so that you need to communicate with an employment lawyer to decide when you have been constructively dismissed.

G. Injuries sustained in workplace

Employees have a right to claim against your employer if you sustain injury in your workplace during working hours. Worker’s repayment claims are some of the maximum time-honored troubles that employment lawyers address. Employment lawyers help you in submitting a declaration and getting you paid for the long-time period. This consists of getting cash for preliminary doctor's visits and managing the whole process from misplaced wages to long-time period healing through physical therapy.


Reasons why an employer needs an employment lawyer


A. Protection against wrongful termination and other cases

To prevent wrongful termination, an employer should consider getting advice from an employment lawyer before firing an employee for various reasons. An employment lawyer is capable of advising whether the termination of the contract would be a legal one. It helps to prevent or minimize the risk of getting into a lawsuit.

B. Legal insight when policy or benefit changes is made in company

An employment lawyer may help an employer to review employment decisions that will affect a large number of employees. It is important for the employer to know the potential legal pitfalls so that an avoidance can be made ahead.

C. To help review documents (such as contract and agreements)

It is important that documents such as employment contracts, severance agreements, or releases are checked to make sure that they contain necessary legal terms which can be enforced by courts. A contract can be invalid if you have included any language that might cause problems later or if you have gone beyond what the law requires of you. Thus, it is critical to have a person with legal knowledge to go through these documents so that they have legal standings in courts.

D. To review policies and handbooks

Policies regarding overtime pay, family leave, final paychecks, or occupational safety and health should often be reviewed by a lawyer as it is possible that these policies have violated laws. A lawyer is able to check for the language used in the policy and handbook in order to prevent unintended obligation towards your employees. Moreover, a lawyer may also be able to advise you on adding a few more policies aiming to further protect the employer’s interest.


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